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By default, all shared webhosting and reseller accounts have only one shared IP address and no dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP change requires 4 hours to resolve. Your site may appear to be down during that time. You will NOT need to change your name servers.

Shared Web Hosting has only one cPanel. So you can have only one dedicated IP. If you choose the dedicated IP, all of your addon and subdomains will use the dedicated IP. Emails will still use the shared IP. As a Resellers, you can buy a dedicated IP and make it shared IP for all cpanels you host under your reseller account.

Dedicated IP address is needed to install SSL certificate. If you don't have dedicated IP address for your account then you have to purchase it or else the SSL certificate will not work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

q What is a dedicated IP and what does it offer?

  • Dedicated IP can be installed and configured for your account, during the process of installation & configuration; there will be no downtime for your site. However, bear in mind that if you've pointed your domain name to your account via an A record, you need to update that record to point to your new IP address.

    Note that this will not change the IP your mails originate from and it works only for the web site.

q Why is it beneficial to have a dedicated IP address?

  • When it comes to hosting a website on a shared server, there is always quite a common controversial issue: Is it necessary to have a dedicated IP address for your website and why, if you just can use a shared one? Using a dedicated IP address provides with certain crucial advantages, but let’s start with the definition first.

q What is the difference between a Shared and Dedicated IP address?

  • The difference between shared and dedicated IP addresses is quite simple. A shared IP address is a single address used by multiple websites within one web server. In this case, the web server should do some extra work, parsing the user’s request to the correct website. Having a Dedicated IP address means that the website has its very own address, and you can use either this IP address or the domain name of your website to access it from the web.

q Why having a dedicated IP address is beneficial?

  • There are a lot of reasons why it is recommended to use a Dedicated IP address for a website hosted on a Shared server, but we shall look through the main ones here :

    ● It grants access to your website any time you need Sometimes, it is quite necessary to check how the website is going to look before pointing the domain name to the server and launching your website on the web. A dedicated IP address will provide with the ability to access the server directly without changing DNS settings for the domain name.

    ● It is good for a business identity If you are going to host your own online store or other e-commerce related website, and you are not going to use additional third-party services for handling payments, it is quite necessary to grab a Dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate for the website in order to provide security for your customers' data. Customers will feel more safe making transactions on the website which uses a dedicated IP address.  

    ● It is required for particular third-party applications/scripts Sometimes, a particular application or script that you may wish to run on your server requires a dedicated IP address.

    ● SNI technology and incompatibility with some old browsers With a recent cPanel update, we started to support the SNI technology that allows installing multiple SSL certificates on a Shared IP address. However, having a few SSL certificates on a shared IP address may cause issues with older versions of some browsers. In this case, all the visitors of such websites will receive a message containing information about untrusted connection. A Dedicated IP address helps to avoid such issues.