GDPR Compliant

Our company complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we also offer you the tools you need to ensure that your project does as well.

Our Privacy Policy

Which describes how we collect, use, share and process our customers’ personal data.

Processing of your personal data

In compliance with the GDPR, our new Privacy Policy explains in detail what information we receive from you and why. It also outlines how we share your personal information and Whom we share it with.

  • You Provide Minimum Data and Are In Control of It

    The first thing you need to know is that we collect the minimum data needed to provide our stellar service. When you sign up with, you provide your contact and billing information. We need these to process your orders, keep you updated about scheduled maintenance, and send critical information related to the services you use. You can edit this data, download it and request profile deletion through your customer area.

  • We Share Your Data with Secure Partners Only

    To provide all services around your hosting account we share some of your data with external providers like domain registrars, SSL providers All such partners are either natively GDPR-compliant themselves or have signed a special contract with us to meet our data protection standards.

  • You Control Your Email Subscription Preferences

    If you’ve given us your express consent, we also use your email address to share tips, special offers, and to announce new products. This consent can be withdrawn or modified at any time through my details section of your clientarea.

  • We Keep Only Aggregated Browsing Data

    Our Privacy Policy also outlines the ways we collect data from you when you interact with our site and services. This information helps us keep an eye on our site’s performance, resolve issues, and identify ways to optimize and improve our products and services. We do not link this data to any personally identifiable information, except if necessary to prevent fraud or abuse on our site.

Processing of the data uploaded on your account

As a hosting provider we also have responsibilities as a data processor. This means that when our customers use our services to store any personal data on’s servers, we are required by the GDPR to meet some criteria for handling this data too.

  • Transparent Security Measures

    One of our main responsibilities as entity processing information, uploaded on our servers by our customers, is to provide adequate security measures.

  • Minimum Access Principle

    Our GDPR Complaint puts in writing our obligation to access any data that our customers store on our servers only to the extent needed to provide our services and to make sure only employees that are directly involved with the provision of the service have access to it.

  • We Provide Access to Secure Partners Only

    Sometimes our partnering companies need access to the data uploaded on our servers so that we can provide our service. Our data center partners are an example of such a partnering company. We provide access only to partners that have same or higher level of data protection as the one we guarantee you

  • Any Personal Data Breach Is Timely Disclosed

    As per GDPR Complaint we are responsible to include timely disclosure through, if a personal data breach is detected by us to have happened on the servers used by our clients. We are obliged to notify our affected customers within 72 hours.

  • Any End User GDPR Requests Are Appropriately Passed On

    Also, if receives a request by an individual, using a website hosted on our servers, to exercise one of the personal data rights outlined in the GDPR, we’ll redirect them to the site owner.

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