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Plesk Web Admin Edition

With Plesk Web Admin Edition, you can take full control of your VPS/Dedicated server and effortlessly manage your websites, applications, and email accounts. With Plesk Web Admin Edition, you also get access to a vast library.

Plesk Web Pro Edition

With Plesk Web Pro Edition, you'll enjoy seamless integration with popular web technologies. Easily deploy and manage websites built on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more, all from one centralized platform.

Plesk Web Host Edition

Introducing Plesk Web Host Edition for VPS/Dedicated, the ultimate solution for managing and optimizing your servers. With Plesk, you can take full control of your website hosting environment and deliver exceptional performance.

Boost the quality of Plesk with

Increase your efficiency by acquiring access to superior features

  • Plesk Obsidian Latest Plesk Obsidian

    Better suited to the requirements of today's hosting infrastructures and web professionals.

  • Control Panel Control Panel

    Create and control a network of sites using only one control panel.

  • Security Security

    Exceptional protection for Operating system, network, and software.

  • 100+ Extension 100+ Extension

    Make your platform more useful by incorporating additional features.

  • Fix-It PackagesFix-It Packages

    You can fix technical issues on your own with Plesk's built-in self-help tools.

  • WP Plugins Toolkit WP Plugins Toolkit

    You can set up, maintain, update, and secure all of your sites with a single comprehensive application.

  • Integration Integration

    The only WebOps/hosting platform compatible with every major hypervisor and container platform.

  • Customization Customization

    If you want your Plesk experience to be truly distinctive, you may choose from a wide range of available options.

  • Email Spoofing Email Spoofing

    Malicious web scripts that send out enormous amounts of emails are prevented by spam filtering.

  • Mobile Manager Mobile Manager

    Plesk allows administrators to connect from mobile devices like iOS and Android to do server-side tasks.

Plesk License Pricing

The Best Plesk License Plans to Fit Any and All of Your business's Requirements

Windows Cloud VPS Plans
Plesk Web Admin Edition $13.99/mo
Plesk Web Pro Edition $21.99/mo
Plesk Web Host Edition $39.99/mo
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Windows Dedicated Plans
Plesk Web Admin Edition $21.99/mo
Plesk Web Pro Edition $39.99/mo
Plesk Web Host Edition $58.98/mo
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